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About Us


Mt. Zion Community Outreach, Inc. is a non-religious 501(c)(3) agency located in Grovetown, Georgia, but serves both Richmond and Columbia counties – where there is a need to educate all who are socio-economically disadvantaged.  Quality of life indicators measure the propensity to succeed and prosper, i.e., education, economics, literacy, and family formation and these indicators tend to rank toward the extreme negative. This offers challenges to communities that are attempting to become viable, self-sufficient, self-supporting and economically empowered.  We serve this demographic which faces these challenges where revitalization and restoration of our community suffers due to lack of education and ultimately void of opportunity to thrive.  

There is economic growth engulfing our neighborhoods with industry such a Unisys, Huntsmen, Cabella's, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Cyber Command at Ft. Gordon.  Industry such as these and others create a need from the local labor force of not only unskilled and skilled labor, but also mid-to-high skilled positions.  If something isn't done to build the capabilities of our communities by providing training to enhance the skills set of those who lack them, the surrounding growth will just create a greater divide, economically, technologically, and culturally between those who have and those who don't.

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